Ralph Peters on Saddam’s Fall

Ralph Peters brings a grand, Biblical perspective to the deaths of Uday and Qusay Hussein:
“The deaths of Saddam’s sons is a more important step in the liberation of Iraq than the fall of Baghdad. Their deaths destroyed the dynasty at the heart of Saddam’s dreams and Iraqi fears. For the long-suffering people of Iraq, the deaths of Uday and Qusay matter more, on a practical level, than even Saddam’s confirmed death one day will.
“The tide of peace has turned as decisively as the tide of battle did some months ago. Saddam knows that his cause is hopeless now. Any further cruelties he perpetrates will be acts of revenge, not hope.
“Other tyrannical dynasties, in the Middle East and beyond, should draw a lesson. The age of tyrants is waning. Behind all the self-important claims in the media or Congress that our occupation of Iraq is in danger of failing, there is one fierce, bright, irresistable truth: Iraq is not the end. It’s a beginning.
“Two murderers are dead. Justice was done.”


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