Michelle on the Secret Service

Michelle Malkin takes the Secret Service to task for its foolish investigation of Michael Ramirez, one of maybe three conservative editorial cartoonists in the country. (If you missed that teapot tempest, it arose out of a pro-Bush cartoon by Ramirez; we posted on it and reproduced the cartoon here.)
Michelle goes on to point out a problem more serious than the Secret Service’s Inspector Clouseau routine with Ramirez: the fact that there have been several serious security lapses in recent weeks which could have endangered President Bush. The Secret Service seems to adopt a “What, me worry?” attitude–publicly, at least–but the subject is deadly serious. President Bush is, and will be for the rest of his life, the #1 target of every terrorist organization in the world. At the moment al Qaeda seems to be on the run, and barely capable of carrying out operations against soft targets in the third world. But that will likely change. And when it does, the Secret Service had better be ready.


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