International Herald Tribune on the Fence

This article on Israel’s fence in the International Herald Tribune offers a glimpse into contemporary anti-Semitism. The author is John Dugard, professor of international law at the University of Leiden, Netherlands, and “special rapporteur” of the UN Commission on Human Rights on the Occupied Palestinian Territory.
Here are some samples of Dugard’s reasoning:
“Israel terms it the Security Fence or Seam Zone, while in Palestine it is generally known as the Separation Wall or Apartheid Wall – a historically inaccurate metaphor as no wall of this kind was erected between black and white in apartheid South Africa.” Wouldn’t want to slander the South Africans (Dugard is from South Africa) by putting them in the same category with the Israelis.
“What we are presently witnessing in the West Bank is a visible and clear act of territorial annexation under the guise of security.” Right, the Israelis don’t really mind homicide bombers, they’re just trying to steal a few worthless acres of desert from the “Palestinians.” This disparaging reference to security is the closest Dugard comes to mentioning the reason for the fence–the fact that Arabs keep massacring Israelis.
The International Herald Tribune was for many years owned jointly by the New York Times and the Washington Post. The Times has now bought out the Post’s interest and is solely responsible for the newspaper. Its journalistic standards appear to be declining accordingly.


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