Bashing Ann Coulter — for what purpose?

The latest (and otherwise fine) issue of The Weekly Standard contains a parody of Ann Coulter. While not vicious, it certainly seems a bit nasty and personal.
I had always viewed ridiculing Coulter as the left’s province, and I don’t understand why this is something that conservatives would want to do. To be sure, her latest book can be criticized for its excessive enthusiasm for Joe McCarthy and its indiscriminate attacks on Democratic cold warriors. We at Power Line have, in fact, criticized the book on these grounds. But most of Coulter’s work has been right on target — devastating to liberals and sound enough on the merits. There aren’t enough conservatives writing best-sellers for me to see the point of attacking Ann Coulter’s personality.
BIG TRUNK adds: For an excellent, modulated defense of Coulter’s book, take a look at Ken Masugi’s “The truth about Treason.”


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