More on the Anti-Catholic litmus test

On Thursday, I posted and commented upon a piece by Byron York that appeared in National Review Online. York was critical of Republicans for charging Senate Democrats with imposing an anti-Catholic litmus test on President Bush’s judicial appointments. Commenting on York’s piece, I concluded that the Republicans were basically right and York basically wrong on this issue.
Ramesh Ponnuru reaches the same conclusion I did in this piece in National Review Online. However, Ponnuru does a better job in stating this critical point: Democrats have imposed “a viewpoint test for office that has the effect of screening out all Catholics faithful to their church’s teachings on abortion. The fact that the test screens out a lot of Protestants, too, makes the problem worse, not better. It really is true that faithful Catholics “need not apply” as far as most Democrats are concerned. A Catholic can win their support only by ceasing, on the decisive issue, to be Catholic


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