Julius Streicher Would Be Proud

This is from Little Green Footballs, but we wanted to point it out to our readers in case you missed it there.
One of the most ominous developments of recent years is the resurgence of the crudest forms of anti-Semitism. Bigotry that would have been unthinkable not many years ago is now commonplace. The cartoon below, by Tony Auth, is an appalling example. Auth is a mainstream cartoonist, one of five or six cartoonists on the Washington Post and New York Times websites. He is a sickening liberal, but this is beyond the pale.
Turns out it’s also a virtual carbon copy of the Nazi cartoon shown below. Maybe it’s a coincidence; maybe Auth was deliberately copying the Nazis’ propaganda.
A quick Google search indicates that not a single article has appeared discussing Auth’s cartoon. So if you’re not frequenting the blogosphere, I guess it’s considered normal.


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