Hugh Hewitt on the Catholic Test

Courtesy of Real Clear Politics, here is Hugh Hewitt’s piece from the Daily Standard regarding “the Catholic test”. The Senate Democrats’ slavish adherence to the doctrine of feminism has led them to seek to bar adherents to Catholic doctrine from certain judicial posts, in violation of the Constitution. Hewitt urges Republicans to make them pay the price. He writes:
“In the past Republicans have shuddered at the prospect of engaging in hardball with their opponents across the aisle. The introduction of religious bigotry through tests on office is worth ‘going nuclear’ over, and Archbishop Chaput has demonstrated that the Catholic Church agrees. Majority Leader Bill Frist ought to bring Attorney General Pryor’s nomination to the floor again and again. Let the Democrats bar a good Catholic from the bench again and again. Let them dig deeper and deeper with their strained arguments and hysterical exculpations. Sixty-five million Catholics are watching, and there is a collective memory of Test Acts past and other badges of bias.”


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