Gore to Speak Tomorrow

Al Gore’s plan to deliver a “major speech” to the internet-based “Move On” group in New York tomorrow is fueling speculation about his motives, the Washington Times reports.
Some say Gore will announce that he is joining the Presidential race. Donna Brazile, his 2000 campaign manager, isn’t sure; she says she doesn’t know “what’s blazing in his saddle.” Brazile may be the only person in the world who would associate Al Gore with Mel Brooks.
Another theory is that Gore will warn against the danger posed by Howard Dean and try to pull Democrats back toward the center. I think this is highly unlikely–if Gore were to give such a speech, he certainly wouldn’t choose the Move On group as his venue. Whatever his subject turns out to be, the speech will be a vicious attack on President Bush, whom Gore hates. But Gore probably won’t mention one of the observations he made when he delivered his last “major” attack on the Bush administration last September: “We know that [Saddam] has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country.”
Whatever the theme of Gore’s speech, it had better not be “Saddam was innocent!”


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