Fools rush in but Hillary is no fool

Dick Morris ponders the possibility that Hillary Clinton may run for president in 2004. According to Morris, the Clintons have always planned that Hillary would make her run in 2008. However, Morris believes that, if Hillary sees Bush’s re-election prospects fading, she may well enter the 2004 fray, following the 1968 example of that other New York carpetbag Senator with great name recognition, Robert Kennedy. Morris thinks that recent polld show Bush to be vulnerable, and that he will remain vulnerable as terrorism declines as the major issue facing America. Accordingly, he sees a run by Ms. Clinton as increasingly likely.
I have always assumed that Hillary would jump into the race if Bush appears likely to lose. However, while polling data shows that Bush may be slipping, he is still a long way from being likely to lose. If the economy improves (as Morris predicts it will) and if the situation in Iraq remains relatively stable, the odds of Bush being re-elected will be too steep for Hillary to enter the race.


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