The Catholic Test, Part 2

In his new Weekly Standard column our radio hero Hugh Hewitt has followed up on his original piece exposing the unconstitutional religious test for judicial office being imposed by Senate Democrats with a sequel: “The Catholic test, part 2.” (In his sequel this morning Hugh recognizes us and other blogs for seeking to draw attention to Archbishop Chaput’s editorial on the matter and does us the great kindness of providing a link to our site.)
Here’s the point: “The Senate Democrats have erected a test that will keep faithful Catholics off the federal bench as surely as the demand that Catholics in Restoration England renounce the doctrine of transubstantiation kept them from service in government. The Senate’s radicals–Patrick Leahy, Richard Durbin, and Tom Dashle–have led their caucus to demand that Catholic nominees at least keep silent on their acceptance of Church teaching on abortion.”
The point seems to us correct, irrefutable, and a bloody outrage. Where’s Bob Dole now that we need him? In any event, don’t miss Hugh’s sequel today.


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