The Democrats’ anti-democratic trifecta

In exposing the religious discrimination being practiced by Senate Democrats in the Pryor confirmation battle, let’s not overlook the fundamentally anti-democratic nature of the same Democrats’ crusade against a host of conservative nominees. The Democrats’ strategy is anti-democratic at three levels. First, they seek to have cultural/moral issues decided by the courts, not by the people and their elected representatives. Second, they seek to rig the outcome in the courts by excluding judges whose positions on cultural/moral issues are strongly influenced by religious conviction. Third, they seek to effectuate this strategy through the highly anti-democratic device of the filibuster. As Rocket Man said the other day, the left’s core problem is that most Americans refuse to be liberals. The Democrats have nearly perfected the art of waging guerilla political warfare to counter that core problem.
HINDROCKET adds: Deacon, that is an awesomely concise summary of the Left’s current position vis-a-vis the courts. The depressing aspect of this, as you say, is that the Democrats’ strategy has been amazingly successful. It appears that as long as there are a handful of leftists left in the country, they will be able to fend off any rightward change of direction. How can that be? The reverse is obviously not true. Why couldn’t conservatives erect similar roadblocks when the left was at the wheel and enacting one zany piece of legislation after another? Maybe historians will explain this someday; in the meantime, it’s a mystery.


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