The liberal shell game

I was fascinated by Rocket Man’s report of the decision by a federal judge in California that the Boy Scouts are a religious organization and therefore are ineligible to lease land from the city of San Diego. The judge found the Boy Scouts to be a religious organization because of their “strongly held” views against homosexuality and atheism, and more generally, it seems, because their beliefs are “at odds with values requiring tolerance and inclusion in the public realm.”
So, while the Senate Democrats insist that their opposition to the nomination of William Pryor for a federal judgeship is based on Pryor’s “deeply held” views on issues moral issues, not on his religion, the federal judges favored by Senate Democrats rule that strongly holding traditional views about these issues is sufficient to convert an otherwise secular group into a religious organization.
HINDROCKET adds: Brilliant, Deacon. No one else has tied these issues together so clearly.


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