FBI Sting Nabs Missile Dealer

The photo below is of Hemant Lakhani, the Muslim arms dealer who contracted to import a shoulder-fired missile for customers he believed to be Islamofascist terrorists.
The story highlights how small and cheap such missiles are. In this particular case there was never any danger, since the operation was a sting from the beginning. But it reminds us how remarkable it is that al Qaeda has not pulled off a single successful attack in America in nearly two years. Considering how easy it is to obtain weapons, and how few obstacles there are to lower-level attacks like car bombings or even bringing down aircraft with missiles, it is surprising that al Qaeda has not been able to accomplish more. The only explanation is that the Administration’s efforts have the group so disorganized and on the run that its members are finding it difficult to operate in this country–an achievement for which the Administration seems to get surprisingly little credit.