Bali Bomber Repents, Sort Of

The Indonesian government has done an excellent job of rounding up the Islamofascists who were responsible for the Bali night club bombings. So far 34 people have been arrested, 27 of whom are now on trial. Today one of the principal architects of the bombings became the first to express regret for his crime. Singapore’s Straits Times quotes bomber Ali Imron:
“Frankly, I do regret it because even though the victims were mostly whites, it was still wrong.” How’s that for moral sensitivity? In his casual racism he recalls Michael Moore. What is striking about Imron, I think, is how well he has mastered the leftist patter of the day. Listen to how he explains why he murdered more than 200 people:
“In our understanding, America is an arrogant superpower. [Gosh, I wonder where he heard that. Maybe he’s been listening to the Democratic presidential debates.]
“That is why we targeted them. It was payback for US policies on the Palestinian issue and for its attack on Afghanistan….We did it out of sympathy for oppressed Muslims….the Jews led by the United States and Israel have already declared war against Muslims.”
If he lived in France, this would be mainstream political commentary. For the past 150 years, many “progressives” have been willing to tolerate violence, and even encourage it, as long as the violence purports to be on behalf of some “oppressed” group. Since someone somewhere is always oppressed, this has never been much of a constraint on the homicidal. (There are, indeed, many millions of oppressed Muslims; inconveniently, however, they are all being oppressed by fellow Muslims.) The Marxist chickens are coming home to roost, as western “progressives” now must confront the fact that a murderous conspiracy seeks to kill them and their families on behalf of the latest crop of “oppressed” people.


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