Prince Abdullah’s Doctrine…

…sounds a lot like President Bush’s. Prince Abdullah, chief ruler of Saudi Arabia, said today:
“In the decisive battle between powers of good and powers of evil, there is no room for neutrality or hesitancy…He who protects or sympathizes with a terrorist is himself a terrorist and will receive his just punishment.” This week alone, there have been two firefights between Saudi policemen and Islamofascists, in which a number of policemen and a larger number of terrorists have been killed.
There is no question that Saudi Arabia bears a great deal of blame for the spread of Wahabbism through the Muslim world and for supporting al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. But since al Qaeda started launching attacks on Saudi soil, all indications are that the Saudi government has cracked down hard. The implicit protection agreement between the Saudi royal family and the terrorists was violated–not by the Saudis, but by al Qaeda. That put the Saudi government in a position where its only choice is to fight for its life.
So, while historical criticisms of Saudi Arabia have obvious merit, I think it is pointless to pressure our government to weaken its relations with that country or even, as some advocate, to destabilize the Arabian peninsula. Someday, perhaps before long, the Saudis will have to either reform or perish. But for now, they continue to be important to our economic and security interests, and it is hard to find fault with what they are now doing to combat terrorists.


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