BBC Hammered in Hutton Inquiry

BBC reporter Susan Watts gave explosive testimony against her employer in today’s hearings into the death of David Kelly. The Sun reports that Ms. Watts testified that the BBC tried to distort her reporting to make it more supportive of Andrew Gilligan:
“There were very significant differences between his reporting and my reporting, namely I did not include the name of Alastair Campbell. Also, I did not refer to my source as being a member of the intelligence services and that the claim was not inserted by Alastair Campbell himself or any other member in Government. I considered those to be significant differences, which I felt the BBC to be ignoring in that there was an attempt to mould my stories to almost the stage where they were to be reaching the same conclusion, or matching, or making the same point.”
Ms. Watts testified that she felt so bullied by BBC executives who were pressuring her to break her promise to Kelly by revealing the source for her stories–“and that the purpose of that was to help corroborate Andrew Gilligan


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