Major Terrorist Attack Thwarted?

Debka File is reporting that: “Al Qaeda had fixed on this week to launch its most devastating simultaneous mega-terror offensive since September 11, 2001, in several countries of the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and East Africa. However, sweeping, timely counter-action blunted its impetus.”
According to Debka, attacks were to have taken place in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Yemen, and possibly other countries: “The attacks believed plotted were: shoulder-launched surface-air missile fire directed at passenger planes during takeoff or landing in the targeted countries; the hijacking of airliners for crashing down over city centers; the downing of light planes loaded with explosives over US, British and other Western embassies; the detonation of bomb vehicles or suicide bombers at commercial, shopping or tourist centers. In East Africa, locations owned or frequented by Israelis would have been under attack.”
Debka says that “Saudi, Yemeni and Kenyan security forces mounted extensive sweeps for al Qaeda cells synchronously on Sunday, August 10. In Yemen and Kenya, a number of American Special Force units took part in the hunt.”
Debka claims the danger is not yet passed, as a second group of terror cells is believed to have orders to carry out a different wave of attacks if the main attacks fail to take place.


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