The Palestinian “Refugee” Scam

Here is a photo story from AFP, the French news service, in its entirety:
“A Palestinian girl runs among scores of tents at Haifa refugee camp in a suburb of Baghdad. Israel stressed it would never allow the return of Palestinian refugees to its territory, rejecting a Palestinian claim that such a right was guaranteed in a US-backed peace plan.”
For many years, the Palestinians have argued that the descendants of those Arabs who voluntarily left Israel in 1948 have a “right of return” to that country. The purpose behind this claim is transparent: if all of the descendants of the Arabs who left Israel in 1948 were to “return” there, Jews would be a minority and the State of Israel would be destroyed–Israel being, if I am not mistaken, the only country where Arabs can vote.
In order to maintain the Palestinian “refugees” as a political weapon against Israel, they and their descendants have been maintained in “refugee camps” for more than fifty years. There is, of course, such a thing as a genuine refugee camp. After World War II, for example, there were millions of displaced persons, many of whom lived for a time in such camps. But the people soon moved on and the camps were disbanded.
Only in the case of the Palestinians have generations of people lived indefinitely in refugee camps, supported largely by the U.N. (which is to say, American taxpayers). Why on God’s green earth are little girls living in tents in a suburb of Baghdad? The camps exist for two purposes only: as a political weapon against Israel, and a breeding ground for terrorists. The Arab world has much to be ashamed of, but the Palestinian “refugee camps” are high on the list.


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