I’ll pass on this one, let me know when Lileks publishes a novel

Some readers may recall our frequent blogs about Garrison Keillor last fall when “Minnesota’s Angry Humorist” seemed to lose it during the elections. Now “The Unfunny One” has published a novel called Love Me. According to this gushing review in the Washington Post, Keillor’s work “is a hilarious satire of just about everything in the early 21st century worth poking fun at, from the writing life to the president of the United States.” Fancy that, a novel that pokes fun at writing and the president. Audacious stuff.
Keillor’s “hilarious” send-up of President Bush apparently comes in the form of a letter from “W” seeking the protagonist’s advice: “”Dear Mr. Blue, I grew up in Midland, Texas, and went to Yale though I am no reader and married a fine woman who supported me through my Lost Weekend years when I goofed around in the oil business and got high as a kite on weekends and went around making a fool of myself. With the help of dear friends, I was able to sell my bankrupt company at a handsome profit and then obtain a major-league baseball franchise and get public financing for a ball park, whereupon I sold the team for a fabulous profit. What a lucky duck. Now that I’m off the sauce, I am considering taking a stab at politics. . . . . my wife says ‘Why don’t you try writing? You have so many good ideas.’ What do you think? — Curious George”
Pretty clever the way Keillor got Bush to say all that bad stuff about himself, don’t you think?


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