Living lies

Steve Hayward has an excellent essay/review in the forthcoming (Fall) issue of the Claremont Review of Books on Hillary’s Living History and Sid Vicious’s The Clinton Wars. We will post it as soon as it is available online, but in the meantime you may enjoy Stefan Kanfer’s joint review of the books on City Journal’s site: “The Clintonistas return.”
Kanfer is a former Time reviewer and essayist who now writes frequently for City Journal in addition to writing excellent show business biographies. (He is the author of several books on other subjects as well.) A few years ago his biography of Groucho Marx was published, and his biography of Lucille Ball has just been published. On Friday the Weekend section of the Wall Street Journal carried a terrific review of the book by comedy writer Rob Long. The Journal has not made the review available to non-subscribers, but to sample Kanfer’s skill along these lines, take a look at his essay on Cole Porter from the spring issue of City Journal: “The voodoo that he did so well.”


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