Arnold’s substance abuse problem

Steve Sailer has a characteristically offbeat angle on the California free-for-all: “A unique aspect of Arnold.”
Sailer writes, “The one aspect of the star’s background that’s getting the least attention…might be the one that most deserves inquiry: anabolic steroids. Elvis Costello claimed, ‘There’s no such thing as an original sin,’ and that’s certainly true for a politician having a bad dad, smoking dope, or chasing women. But the unique case of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his relationship with the manly molecules he injected is an exception.”
Sailer has collected an eye-opening set of Arnold quotes on the subject of Arnold’s past use of steroids. It is interesting that, although this is one issue that Jesse Ventura shares with Arnold, it remained completely unexplored during Jesse’s ascendance and term of office in Minnesota.


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