Shut up, he explained

The Washington dimmocrats would prefer that Attorney General Ashcroft not tour the country to speak out in defense of the USA Patriot Act: “Ashcroft criticized for talks on terror.” You know, it’s, like, illegal…
Do you suppose we should introduce the Washington dimmocrats to the Texas 11? You know, the ones who claim, like, a First Amendment right to run away and hold press conferences on state time in New Mexico?
As Marty Robbins sang so memorably, “Something is dreadfully wrong, for I feel/A deep burning pain in my side…”
UPDATE: The American Enterprise Institute has just posted the Attorney General’s prepared remarks on the PATRIOT Act: “Securing Our Liberty: How America Is Winning the War on Terror.” Check it out while the AG’s still at liberty to speak on the subject. See for yourself why the dimmocrats want to shut him up.


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