“There can be no negotiation with Hamas”

I’m just back from a week of vacation in the North Woods, where I’ve been pretty much out of touch with the news. So I don’t know how the Washington Post and the New York Times have responded to the resumption of mass murder by Palestinian terrorist groups. The only newspaper I’ve been seeing regularly is the Mesabi Daily News, which serves the small towns of Minnesota’s Iron Range. The Daily News’ editorial on the latest terrorist outrage was so good that I want to post it in its entirety:
“Palestinian militants called off a two-month-old truce Thursday because the Israelis killed a senior Hamas political leader in a missile attack from a helicopter. Is that a noble and principled stand by the Palestinian militants?
“No, it is hypocrisy handed down by the hands of terrorists that are caked in blood.
“The day before the militants made their ridiculous statement members of the terrorist group Hamas had been in their glory, taking credit for the terrible terrorist bus bombing in Israel that killed 20 innocents, including six children. So, according to the twisted, cynical and sickening logic of the militants, the truce was still in effect after a terrorist strike killed 20 Israelis, but was suddenly derailed when a Hamas official who reveled in such terrorism was killed in retaliation.
“The Israeli retaliation was not only proper and justified, it was measured.
“So the hell with Hamas.
“The terrorist group has absolutely no decency. Not only does the group find joy in the killing of others, it sends some of its own people to their death on suicide bombings after taking their minds as young children and filling them with hatred and a desire for blood. There is no negotiation with groups such as Hamas. And when they strike, retaliation is the only answer.
“There can be no peace made with terrorists. The only real hope is for the rational Palestinians themselves to turn on the terrorists among them, root them out and eliminate them. That will take a lot of time. But until the trek down that road is at least started, the war with Palestinian terrorists in the Middle East will go on unabated.”
This is, I am convinced, the view of a clear majority of ordinary Americans, and with forthright leadership from the White House, it would become an overwhelming consensus.


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