The “Department of Killing It Here”

The pretext for Michael McFaul’s call for new bureaucracies, and the pretext for much of the daffy commentary about Iraq in the past few days, was the successful attack on U.N. headquarters in Iraq. Here, courtesy of Real Clear Pollitics, Mark Steyn provides a needed dose of perspective on that attack. And on the war against terrorism in general. To wit: “The terrorists watch CNN and the BBC and, understandably, they figure that in Iraq America, Britain, the UN and all the rest will do what most people do when they run up against someone deranged: back out of the room slowly. They’re wrong. There’s no choice. You kill it here, or the next generation of suicide bombers will be on buses in Rotterdam, Manchester, Lyons, and blowing up the UN building in Manhattan. This is the battlefield.”


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