Ted Kennedy’s priorities

It had been a while since I heard from my conservative cousin from New York. But he clearly hasn’t lost his sense of outrage at liberal hypocrisy, as is evident from his latest dispatch:
“Another example of how the liberals posture about helping the poor while pushing programs that make it more difficult for the working stiff:
Today’s New York Times reports that the price of milk in the City will rise to $3.16 a gallon from $2.69. What they don’t say is that this high price is due in large measure to the successful efforts of such liberal icons as Jim Jeffords and Ted Kennedy to preserve the anti-competitive Northeast Dairy Compact. I wonder how these tribunes for the common man would respond to granting Quebec dairy farmers access to the US market.
I calculate that this will cost over $85/year for a family with two children who each consume a quart of milk daily. That means a breadwinner earning $10/hour has to work an additional day a year just to cover this increase.
Apparently, Jeffords and Kennedy support allowing consumers to buy prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies but have no compunction about shutting the door to low-cost milk.
Of course, if the Medicare prescription drug program passes our breadwinner will also see his take home pay reduced. I guess giving Ted Kennedy access to taxpayer provided Viagra comes before milk for children.”


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