Arnold’s Interview

Oui magazine–now there’s a name from the past! Here is the complete interview; warning, it’s not for the faint of heart. I’m afraid it will severely disillusion all those who thought that 1970’s bodybuilders were doing Bible study between sets.
Actually, I think Arnold’s bodybuilder/Hollywood past largely inoculates him against these revelations (and others yet to come, no doubt). The real issue, I think, is Arnold’s liberal position on many social issues. Media pundits for years have pushed the idea that the Republicans’ adherence to conservative positions on social issues has been an albatross around the party’s neck. The truth is that the social issues are one of the main factors driving the Republican resurgence of the last twenty-five years. My hunch is that enough Republicans will vote for Tom McClintock to swing the recall election to Bustamante–not because they are offended at Arnold’s youthful exploits, but because they disagree with his current positions on the social issues.
UPDATE: It’s a long way from 1977: today Arnold campaigned at a largely Hispanic elementary school. This is the image California voters have of Arnold, not the bodybuilding champ of Pumping Iron.


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