The Day In Pictures

At the end of a long week, a photo blog entry is about all I’m good for. If you’re as worn out as I am, you might enjoy these items.
American sprinters won the gold and silver medals in the 200m at the IAAF World Athletic Championships today. Beats the heck out of 1968, right?
Jeff Bezos (he’s the one on the right) and Anna Kournikova opened trading at NASDAQ in New York this morning. Does Jeff look pleased, or what? The connection: the two are in New York promoting Anna’s new Shock Absorber sports bra, which will be sold on Amazon. They played a tennis match in Grand Central Station, too.
And finally, the perpetrator of the “Blaster” internet worm has been fingered: he’s apparently an 18-year-old kid from Hopkins, Minnesota. Here is his yearbook photo, which doesn’t, I’m afraid, shatter any stereotypes. Too bad; if this kid had gone straight he might have grown up to be like Jeff Bezos.
Now if they could only catch the “Wicked Screensaver” people.


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