Four Bombers Caught

Four suspects have been arrested in yesterday’s mosque bombing in Iraq, which killed more than 100. Two of the suspects are Iraqis, and two–surprise–are Saudis. The suspects said that: “a recent wave of bombings were designed to keep Iraq in a state of chaos so that police and American forces would be unable to focus attention on the country’s porous borders, where suspected foreign fighters are believed to be infiltrating.”
I don’t think the administration adopted the “flypaper” theory on purpose, but if al Qaeda members and other terrorists want to congregate in Iraq, it’s a relatively good place for them. We’ve had great success combatting al Qaeda elsewhere, and I don’t see any reason why that success shouldn’t be repeated in Iraq. The key is intelligence, of course, and capturing these four suspects may be a good start.
UPDATE: The number of suspects apprehended is now up to at least nineteen, as the original four apparently talked pretty freely. Most of those are al Qaeda-connected foreigners who entered Iraq recently.


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