“Israeli assassins kill hopes of peace for Palestinians”

Believe it or not, that’s the headline in tomorrow’s Guardian. Like Charlie Brown and the football, liberals fall for the the same line time after time. They always believe that peace was just around the corner…this time the Palestinians really meant it…the mass murder attacks were just about to stop…and then Israel had to go and retaliate!
The Guardian can’t help admitting the effectiveness of Israel’s tactic: “Hamas has decided to lie low….Two weeks ago it was easy to find Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders. Last week the office of Mohammad al-Hindi, leader of Islamic Jihad, was closed and his mobile was turned off. Abel Aziz Rantisi, a Hamas leader who survived an Israeli assassination attempt last month, was at his Gaza City home but said he would not be giving interviews or leaving his home. The Palestinian Authority’s police are patrolling areas used by Hamas to fire rockets into Israel, and the Palestinian Monetary Authority has frozen 36 bank accounts belonging to Islamic charities linked to Hamas.”
Such tangible realities never count for much, however, in the leftist worldview. Who will suffer in the end because Israel defends itself? The Israelis, of course: “There is little interest in restraint now in Gaza. Falouji [a member of the Palestinian Parliament] said: ‘People see the Hamas belief that Israel understands only the language of blood is true. The biggest loser is the Israeli people. Before they were safe because the Palestinians guaranteed their safety. That guarantee has gone, and now they are all wondering where the next Hamas strike will hit.'”
Got that? The Israelis used to be safe–never mind the bus bombing that triggered the Israeli retaliation, or the countless other acts of Muslim terror–but now they’re in danger. It’s their own fault. There is a profound sickness at the heart of liberalism, and this perversity exemplifies it as well as anything.


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