A Bad Day for Bill

One of the mysteries, to me, of the past two years has been how little discussion there has been of Bill Clinton’s miserable record on terrorism, and how his administration’s malfeasance contributed to our current predicament. Perhaps that is about to change, as Richard Mintiter’s Losing bin Laden is coming out next week. Matt Drudge has an “exclusive” on it, and other news outlets, like thbookservice.com are featuring the book. Here’s how the thbookservice describes it:
“Years before the public knew about Osama bin Laden, Bill Clinton did. Bin Laden first attacked Americans during Clinton’s presidential transition in December 1992. He struck again at the World Trade Center in February 1993. Over the next eight years the archterrorist’s attacks would escalate killing hundreds and wounding thousands — while Clinton did his best to stymie the FBI and CIA and refused to wage a real war on terror.
“The answer is here in investigative reporter Richard Miniter’s stunning expos


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