Pizza to go

Ken Masugi of The Remedy has posted Roll Call’s report on Victor Davis Hanson’s presentation at the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington. The story by Ed Henry comes from yesterday’s Roll Call and is headlined “Pelosi’s pizza problem”:
“A lively debate on immigration during the dog days of August nearly turned into a sort-of food fight as a staffer for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tried to launch a bizarre protest by walking off with a pizza. Federico DeJesus, who handles Hispanic media outreach for Pelosi, was infuriated by Victor Davis Hanson’s presentation at the Aug. 19 event, sponsored by the Center for Immigration Studies. Hanson, author of the book ‘Mexifornia: A State of Becoming,’ is an outspoken advocate of stopping the flood of illegal immigration from Mexico to California. At the end of the speech in the Longworth House Office Building, DeJesus stood up to deliver the first question from the audience and launched into a long rant accusing Hanson of penning a ‘racist’ book.
“The controversy was compounded by the fact that Hanson had earlier noted he is a ‘classicist,’ as in a classics professor at California State University at Fresno. ‘You yourself admitted that you’re a ‘classist,’ DeJesus shouted, apparently believing that the professor had confessed to being an elitist or some such taboo.
“Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly told HOH that DeJesus was merely trying to correct the record with regard to some statements the professor had made about a prominent Hispanic group. ‘He felt the speaker was making some comments about La Raza that were inaccurate, and he wanted to correct them,’ said Daly, in reference to the National Council for La Raza, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving life for Hispanic Americans. Daly allowed that the discussion did grow heated, but only because some people in ttendance repeatedly referred to DeJesus as ‘Mr. Sosa,’ as in Hispanic baseball star Sammy Sosa, during his question. ‘He felt that they were intentionally getting his name wrong, and he was offended by that,’ Daly said.
“The fight reached its climax when DeJesus stormed away from his seat and decided to grab one of the many boxes of pizza in the back of the room on his way out the door. ‘He tried to steal one of our pizzas,’ charged Krikorian. ‘One of my guys had to get it back. He yelled, ‘I hope you enjoy the pizza!’ He was basically a heckler.’ DeJesus claimed that he merely wanted to take some food back to his office and meant no disrespect, but Krikorian wasn’t buying that. ‘This was sort of sophomoric,’ said Krikorian. ‘Something you’d expect at some radicalized university campus, not Capitol Hill.'”


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