International Terror Links Detailed

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on connections between two prominent Australian Muslim leaders and al Qaeda:
“Al-Qaeda figures with links to the September 11 attackers have engaged in regular communication with two Australian Islamic leaders, according to documents and telephone intercepts tendered in an international terrorist case.
“Documents and telephone intercepts show the two men have links to Spain’s top extremist suspect, Abu Dahdah.
“The papers also disclose contact between Mr Khazal [one of the Australian clerics] and Europe’s top Al-Qaeda suspect, Sheik Abu Qutada, who in a London court in May was accused of having extensive contact with international terrorist leaders.
“A former ASIO agent, Neil Fergus, said his study of the Spanish court papers raised serious questions about the extent to which al-Qaeda and its associates had infiltrated Australia.”
Abu Dahdah, the Spanish Muslim, has worldwide terrorist connections: “[He] had travelled to the United Kingdom on more than 20 occasions. He had also visited Belgium, Turkey, Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia and Jordan, cementing links with like-minded groups.”
All of which is a grim reminder of the difficulty of fighting an enemy without borders.


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