Who reads Thurber? answered

One of the many bizarre aspects of the unfolding BBC/Blair scandals was the mini-scandal over the government’s alleged trashing of David Kelly before he had been laid to rest. The trashing consisted of the Blair government spokesman characterizing Kelly to a reporter on background as a “Walter Mitty” figure.
I was struck by how mild the aspersion on Kelly was, as well as the obscurity of the reference. Both Rocket Man and I discussed the important Thurber-related issues in “Walter Mitty enters the fray.”
Now Joshua Sharf of View from a Height reports that Thurber’s “University Days” is on the suggested reading list distributed to Denver University’s incoming freshman. Mirabile dictu, E.B. White — one of the finest American prose stylists of the twentieth century — is also on the list. Good news.
At the same time Joshua also reports that Colorado Governor Bill Owens is separating from his wife. Owens is one of the few superstars of Republican politics and one of the even fewer plausible successors to President Bush. Not good news.


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