Daddy, we hardly knew ye?

One of the difficulties that continues to confront the Bush adminstration in the Middle East is the refusal of Yasser Arafat to depart the scene. This morning Reuters reports that Mahmoud Abbas — the peace partner with the nom de guerre Daddy Mazen — has submitted his resignation to Arafat, leaving unclear whether the resignation has been accepted, while the AP flatly reports that Arafat has accepted the resignation and Daddy Mazen is out.
Whether or not Daddy is out, Arafat has continued to wield the relevant political authority and to control his own terrorist operatives. Some of these folks made their presence felt earlier this week: “On Thursday, when Abbas addressed legislators, he was heckled and shoved by an angry crowd of Arafat supporters, including several armed and masked men.” The world now holds its breath while Arafat deliberates over the selection of a new prime minister.
Is there any person in his right mind who thinks that anything good can come of Arafat’s selection of a prime minister? Is there anyone in his right mind who thinks that Daddy Mazen could bring peace to the region by asking Arafat’s forces to answer to him, or Hamas to lay down its arms?


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