Americans Suspect Saddam, 9/11 Link

A new poll indicates that most Americans suspect that Saddam Hussein may have been involved in the September 11 attacks, a fact that drives the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank crazy. Milbank is basically a Democratic National Committee operative whose salary, happily for the DNC, is paid by the Post. Milbank devotes most of his piece to analyzing whether the Bush administration is guilty of fostering this “misconception” (or “lie,” as Donna Brazile calls it).
In fact, what the Post’s poll shows is that 69% of Americans believe it is “likely” that Saddam had some role in the attacks. In addition, 80% of the poll’s respondents thought it “likely” that Saddam had “provided assistance to al Qaeda,” and a similar percentage “suspected he had developed weapons of mass destruction.”
Taken together, these findings indicate that the American people have Saddam’s regime figured out pretty well. That the regime had developed weapons of mass destruction, there is no doubt; they used such weapons repeatedly. Similarly, there is no doubt that Saddam assisted al Qaeda and other terrorist groups; the only doubt relates to the extent of the relationships. And as to September 11, while there is no clear proof of Iraq’s involvement, it is not at all unreasonable, given all we know about Saddam and his ties to terrorist groups, to say that such involvement is “likely.”
So, not for the first time, Americans generally have a clearer picture of reality than Washington Post reporters.


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