Remembering Nancy Lamott

I wrote yesterday about Nancy Lamott, the cabaret singer who died at age 43 on the cusp of some kind of recognition proportionate to her talent. My references to her life were based on imperfect memory of Terry Teachout’s wonderful tribute to her in the Sunday New York Times Arts & Entertainment section after her death. I have been looking unsuccessfully around the Web to find a copy of the photograph that accompanied Teachout’s tribute to her and in the process discovered that I was slightly off on a couple facts that I would like to amplify.
First, although Nancy was afflicted with Crohn’s disease, she did not die of it. She died of complications from uterine and liver cancer. Second, the man who married her shortly before her death was Peter Zapp. Zapp married Nancy a little more than an hour before she died in December 1993.
Click here for a link to Midder Music’s page of Nancy’s CDs, with ordering information. The site advises that the CDs should be available in stores soon. Above is the photograph of Nancy (leaning on a piano, of course) that that she used for the cover of her last recording, “Listen To My Heart.”


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