Who is Abu Musab Zarqawi?

Buried in this Washington Post story, also posted by Trunk below, is an interesting tidbit about Abu Musab Zarqawi. He is the fellow who had his leg amputated at an exclusive Baghdad clinic in 2002. As the Post article recalls, when Colin Powell suggested that this was evidence of a connection between Al Qaeda and the government of Iraq, European officials not to mention their American friends) scoffed. Zarqawi was an independent operator. Now, however, it is Zarqawi who is leading Al Qaeda’s charge in Iraqi.
So who is Abu Masab Zarqawi? It depends. When the issue was a Saddam/Al Qaeda connection, he was an independent operator. But now that we are in “quagmire” mode, he’s Al Qaeda’s man in Iraq.
Credit to Peter Finn and Susan Schmidt (who reported honorably during the Clinton impeachment days) for a good piece of reporting.


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