Bin Laden Tape Recycled?

Roland Jacquard, head of the Paris-based International Observatory on Terrorism, has told French radio that the latest “bin Laden” video tape is not new.
Jacquard says that the video is mostly an edited collection of film clips and audio tapes that were aired long ago. Some of the bin Laden video footage may even pre-date the Tora Bora offensive, Jacquard says, while “The voice of bin Laden we hear in the background, thanking the World Trade Center plane hijackers, is exactly the same message that was broadcast in a video cassette by Al Jazeera on 26 December 2001.”
The only new material, according to Jacquard, is the Zawahiri audio. But the video of Zawahiri, like that of bin Laden, is old.
It would seem to be significant that al Qaeda was not able to come up with either new video footage or even a new audio tape from bin Laden.


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