The murder of David Applebaum

The New York Times story on the murder of Dr. David Applebaum and his daughter Nava on Tuesday adds some painful details and photographs: “A healer of terror victims becomes one.”
Dr. Applebaum was a native of Detroit who was killed in the Cafe Hillel bombing in Jerusalem on Tuesday, September 9. Three months ago, the Jerusalem Post published a profile of Dr. Applebaum as an innovative emergency physician, whose creation of the Terem 24-hour care center and reorganization of emergency medical care at Shaarei Zedek Hospital made him a pioneer in the field. The Post has republished the profile: “Applebaum’s legacy is improved emergency health care in Israel.” The Post has also published a retrospective on Dr. Applebaum, “David Applebaum was ‘everyone’s doctor,” and on his daughter, “‘Our life was pointless if we were not together.'”
Caroline Glick provides the biting, utterly on-target commentary: “Calling the enemy’s bluff.” Glick writes: “A true strategic advance in the war that will pave the way for Israel’s eventual victory will come with strategic clarity. When the Israeli government acts on the knowledge that not only is there no distinction between the various wings of Hamas, but there is no distinction between the PA and its Fatah, Tanzim, and Aksa Brigades terror cells and when the government bases its actions on the fact that there is no distinction between the PA and Hamas, Israel will find itself on the road to true victory.”


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