Charity, Saudi Arabian style

How could we have missed this eye-popping story from today’s Washington Post? According to the story, federal district court Judge T. S. Ellis III ordered one Soliman S. Biheiri held without bail yesterday. At a court hearing before Judge Ellis, the government presented evidence that Biheiri had managed money for a nephew of Osama bin Laden’s who founded an Islamic youth group in Falls Church, Virginia, calling Biheiri the younger bin Laden’s “personal banker.”
Testimony at the hearing provided evidence that Abdullah bin Laden was the founder of the United States branch of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, based in northern Virginia. Court documents say the organization espoused hatred of Jews and portrayed people who murdered Israeli citizens as heroes.
The judge sounds like our kind of guy. When Biheiri’s lawyer tried to defend Biheiri’s business relationship with Abdullah bin Laden by saying that “his uncle’s notoriety notwithstanding,” the bin Laden family is respected in the Muslim world, Judge Ellis shot back: “I don’t have any respect for the bin Laden family. I don’t know who they are, except of course for one member who I have not the slightest bit of respect for.”
The Post story is “Va. terror network suspect denied bail.” (Courtesy of Glenn Ellmers and The Remedy.)
DEACON adds: I used to practice law with Tim Ellis before he become Judge T. S. Ellis, III. He was not to be trifled with then, and clearly he isn’t to be trifled with now.


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