Oh, What Can It Mean?

For those who may have wondered what the five most popular karaoke tunes in England are, Ananova has the answer.
I’ve never really sung karaoke myself, for reasons that will be obvious to those who know me. My closest encounter was several years ago when I was traveling in Switzerland on business. After dinner the group I was with, four or five guys, drove to a quaint, 18th-century inn in a small town in the foothills. We went up to the second floor of the inn and opened a door, and found ourselves in a sort of techno bar–black lacquer everywhere, loud music, scantily clad waitresses. And karaoke.
One of the guys in my group was a solid waste engineer from Minnesota. He was a tall guy with flowing blond hair and a mustache; he requested “Secret Agent Man.” It was unbelievable–I swear, he sang it better than Johnny Rivers, complete with moves. It blew everyone away; the waitresses wanted to take him home. Not wanting to be a killjoy, I sort of participated in a “Dead Man’s Curve” duet; but, to take no chances, I turned off my microphone.
Anyway, check out Ananova if you want to know the top karaoke tunes in Great Britain.