The Greater Hewitt Coprosperity sphere

Our radio hero Hugh Hewitt managed to find time at the end of a long day of hyperactive blogging and a particularly hot three-hour show to plug Rocket Man’s interview on Israpundit regarding Power Line.
Hugh writes: “Among other things, the Israpundit asks why Powerline has moved from triumph to triumph. JH makes nice comments about the many who have praised him and his colleagues, including yours truly, but his humility may obscure a key couple of points. Why has this blog become a must read?
“First, Powerline is a believer in freedom and a voice for many people and causes needing freedom. Point two: It is smart — recall the fisking delivered the Strib [the Minneapolis Star Tribune] last year on its polling methodology. That is one of many, many examples of deep digging and analysis that accompanies smart but quick observations on the day’s events. Finally, Powerline has a sense of humor. A very good sense of humor. All of the Northern Alliance blogs share this trait, which may have something to do with snow.
“Refer to my posting below: Any paper in the Twin Cities with a sentient publisher would throw money at Powerline (and Mitch) to write for them. If circulation and influence mattered, that is.”
We’ve said it before, but it obviously bears repetition. We’ve never met anybody quite like Hugh, a guy who wants to use his success to celebrate others and who does so unstintingly. We may need to rename the Northern Alliance the Greater Hewitt Coprosperity Sphere.