Administration Can’t Confirm Iraq/Syria WMD Link

John Bolton, the administration’s undersecretary of state for arms control, testified on Syria before a House committee today. Portions of his testimony were made public. Bolton testified that Syria has continued to allow its citizens to infiltrate Iraq to attack Americans and Iraqis. It has been reported that 60% to 70% of the foreign nationals apprehended in Iraq have been Syrians. Bolton also testified about Syria’s continuing, and highly disturbing, development of biological and chemical weapons.
Most interesting to me, however, was Bolton’s testimony that the administration “has been unable to confirm” reports that Iraq covertly transferred its illegal weapons to Syria “in an attempt to hide them from United Nations inspectors and coalition forces.” Debka File has claimed that this is what happened to Iraq’s WMDs and has identified a valley in Lebanon where they are ostensibly buried. Also, a few weeks ago news reports surfaced quoting American officials who seemed to support the same conclusion. If that theory really is a dry hole, then the present whereabouts of Iraq’s WMDs is as big a mystery as ever. For the time being, at least.


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