Study abroad — at Yale

We at Power Line have commented from time to time on the inferiority complex that seems to plague American liberals when it comes to the Europeans. The more sophisticated the liberal, the more he or she wishes to ape Europeans. In fact, “European-ness” is probably a good working definition of sophistication in the mind of many American liberals.
In a sense, then, the current strike at Yale can be viewed as a real triumph for that university. The strike is very European. As Little Trunk’s fine piece in FrontPageMagazine demonstrates, the strikers are well-rewarded employees seeking to squeeze an early retirement out of a soft employer that is struggling to stay competitive. The strikers compensate for the lack of a real cause by engaging in abrasive antics and bringing in opportunistic politicians. The head of the concern engenders mostly hostility from those whose interests he is trying to protect. Who needs Paris?


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