We’ve Got the Guys Who’ll Knock the Cover Off the Ball

That’s the Minnesota Twins, for those benighted readers who don’t know the song, or might even root for another baseball team. Tonight the Twins beat the Chicago White Sox 5-3, completing a three-game sweep over their only serious rival for the AL Central crown.
Forty thousand screaming Twins fans were on hand, many waving brooms. The hero of the evening was Jacques Jones, who takes more bad swings than any .300 hitter in baseball history but tonight belted two two-run homers. He’s shown below rounding the bases after the first one.
September baseball is without a doubt the best that sports have to offer. Deacon, we know, has come to prefer soccer. But each of us has his own little eccentricity, and we don’t hold Deacon’s against him. Unless the Twins collapse against the lowly Detroit Tigers, their opponent in seven of their remaining nine games, they will open the post-season against the Yankees in New York. All America–even a lot of otherwise-clueless Democrats–will be cheering them on.


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