The Latest From California

The Washington Post reports on the latest poll data from California, out today. They show the support for recalling Gray Davis slipping a bit but still commanding a majority of 53% to 42%. The problem for Davis is that there are very few voters left who haven’t made up their minds; only 5% are undecided.
The poll (by the Public Policy Institute of California) says Bustamante and Schwarzenegger are in a “statistical dead heat,” with Cruz at 28%, Arnold at 26% and Tom McClintock at 14%. A relatively large number, 18%, are still undecided. It seems reasonably clear that Schwarzenegger would beat Bustamante with McClintock out of the race, but McClintock vows he’s going nownere. That may make sense prior to the only debate, as of now, in which Arnold has agreed to participate, which is scheduled for Wednesday. If Arnold does well, pressure on McClintock to bow out will grow.
The California polls have been inconsistent and all over the lot, with the methodology of some coming under attack. The full results of this poll are available here; there are some interesting data on national issues as well as the recall.
As always, check California Insider for up to date information on the recall.


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