Today’s Bleat

We love James Lileks. But, of course, that distinguishes us from almost no one. I’ve met the man precisely once, at a Hugh Hewitt function in St. Paul. I met James about three minutes before Hugh did, and had the pleasure of introducing them. James is different from most of us bloggers because 1) he isn’t exactly a blogger, inasmuch as he almost never links to anything, 2) he’s been at it forever, maintaining a brilliant, quirky web site since long before anyone ever heard of a web log, and 3) he is a professional writer.
Today’s Bleat is pretty typical, which is to say, well worth reading. James reprises our own visits to the Megamall, culminating (as ours always do) in a visit to the Apple Store. He takes Gnat to a series of church fairs, which shed light on today’s cultural conflicts:
“I took Gnat to another church fair. I had to laugh; well, of course this is why the Saudis hate us. Look at this: a beer garden, games of chance, rock music, hot dogs, teen girls with bare midriffs, purple hair, exposed bra straps and you-go-Jesus! baseball caps – and it


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