Shelton Rips Clark

This item is on the Drudge Report, so it’s not exactly a scoop. But I thought it was important enough to pass on.
General Hugh Shelton is a retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. On Sept. 11 and 12 he participated in a Foothill College Celebrity Forum on the war against terrorism. During the forum, he was asked what he thought of General Wes Clark. Here is the exchange, as reported by the Los Altos, Calif. Town Crier:
“‘What do you think of General Wesley Clark and would you support him as a presidential candidate,’ was the question put to him by moderator Dick Henning, assuming that all military men stood in support of each other. General Shelton took a drink of water and Henning said, ‘I noticed you took a drink on that one!’
“‘That question makes me wish it were vodka,’ said Shelton. ‘I’ve known Wes for a long time. I will tell you the reason he came out of Europe early had to do with integrity and character issues, things that are very near and dear to my heart. I’m not going to say whether I’m a Republican or a Democrat. I’ll just say Wes won’t get my vote.'”
Shelton is an extraordinarily impressive guy. This deserves to be a bombshell. It will be interesting to see whether the other Democratic candidates are willing to use it.


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