“Iraqi Terrorist Death Rate Rising”

Rob Morton writes about the relentless negativity of the mainstream press on Iraq. He refers us to a New York Times article headlined “Deadly Bombings on Rise in Iraq; 1 Killed in Baghdad Blast.” As Rob points out, you have to read to the end of the article to find this information:
“Colonel MacDonald said an informant told American soldiers on Wednesday night about three men planting a roadside bomb north of the village of Al Hadid. He said a patrol from the Fourth Infantry Division spotted two men fleeing the area with AK-47 machine guns. Both men were killed, he said, when they failed to stop after soldiers fired warning shots.
“He said six other Iraqi militants were killed in two other incidents overnight in the area north of Baghdad. Early this morning, he said, soldiers killed three Iraqis near the town of Balad who suspected of planning an attack. He said they confiscated one rocket-propelled grenade and several AK-47s.
“Near Samara, he said, a military unit guarding an oil pumping station called in airstrikes after they came under attack from small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades. A nearby AC-130 attack plane tracked seven people fleeing the scene, he said, then fired, killing three of the men and seriously wounding a fourth.”
Rob says the headline should have been: “Iraqi Terrorist Death Rate Rising; Eight Killed in Various Attacks”


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