More Successes in Iraq

American troops discovered two weapons caches on a farm near Tikrit today, after receiving a tip from an Iraqi. One of the caches was huge, with a number of surface to air missiles, grenade launchers, a thousand pounds of plastic explosive and other munitions.
It’s a race against time, really; Baathist raids on American troops have no military significance but are directed entirely to a worldwide civilian audience–above all, of course, the American public. Our army will inevitably hunt them down, and as their power declines more and more Iraqis will inform on them. The question is whether this will happen before the American public turns against the whole Iraq effort.
DEACON adds: I agree, but would add that I don’t see President Bush changing his policy even if American public opinion turns. So, one scenario would be for public opinion to turn, our efforts to then become obviously successful, and for public opinion to turn back in favor of those efforts.
HINDROCKET responds: Yes, but only if all of that happens by November of next year. And it could. But if a Democrat wins, it’s all over for Iraq.


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